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Easy return

Outbound and homebound trip + inclided Ticket-Refund-Service = all in one ticket 
This offer can be booked until 10th April 2021
via your Scandlines booking system under the product name 
valid for all Scandlines Routes between Germany and Denmark (Rostock–Gedser or Puttgarden-Rødby) 
Online system
This special offer is only bookable  until 10th April 2021
• Best rate for holiday trips: Price only 202 EUR from Puttgarden or 274 EUR from Rostock
• In the Scandlines Agent logon search box, you have to define a return ticket. Afterwards EASY
RETURN product box will be offered (see above screen dump). Outbound journey must be pre-defined (booked), the homebound journey is flexible and open until 11th April 2021.
• Ticket conditions are based on Economy Extra terms
• The ticket is valid for the booked outbound departure as well as for all departures with free
capacity on the same day.
• The return trip is possible on all days and departures with free capacity until 11th April 2021
0% RISK: free of charge cancellation, the ticket can even be refunded for free up to 3 months after the originally booked outward journey date.
• Valid for cars up to 6 m in length incl. max. 9 persons on the routes Rostock-Gedser or
Puttgarden-Rødby. Length surcharges may apply.
• Departures every 30 minutes from Puttgarden and 10x from Rostock each day

Can EASY RETURN ticket be bought as a single leg?
EASY RETURN is available only as return ticket / NO single crossings are sold

What kind of tarriff conditions does apply?
EASY RETURN follows the Economy Extra rules

Can EASY RETURN departures de changed?
Yes, if outbound departure is rebooked, a rebooking fee of 30 € shall apply.
In the beginning, the homebound crossing is not fixed to a particular departure and valid until 11th April 2021 for any departure with free space. In this case, it´s better not to change the return date and stay flexible = the customer can use the ticket every day / departure.
You can change/fix the return/homebound crossing to a particular departure once free of charge but afterward is fixed to the given date (economy extra conditions). If it should be changed, once again a rebooking fee of 30€ shall apply.

On wich departures is the EASY RETURN ticket valid?
Outbound: Valid for the booked departure or all departures on the same day with free capacity. This means no guaranty for fully booked departures if not the exact booked departure is used.
Outbound period: until 10th April 2021
Homebound: Valid for all departure with free capacity. Which means no guaranty for fully booked departures. Homebound: until 11th April 2021

Can the EASY RETURN ticket be cancelled?
Yes, the EASY RETURN ticket includes already the Ticket refund service. It applies to unused tickets until the first departure. Free of charge cancellation and refund is possible. The ticket can even be refunded for free up to 3 months after the originally booked outward journey date. No refund for partly used tickets.

Can the outbound and homebound route be mixed/different?
No, mixed routes e.g. Puttgarden-Rødby outbound and Gedser-Rostock homebound v.v. are not possible

Is EASY RETURN also availble for motorcycles?
No, EASY RETURN is not valid for motorcycles

Is EASY RETURN also availble for combi Sweden ticket or compi Öresund ticket?
No, EASY RETURN is available only for Scandlines ferry connections between Germany and Denmark; Puttgarden-Rødby and Gedser-Rostock.

For which vehicles is EASY RETURN valid?
Valid for cars up to 6 m in length incl. max. 9 persons on the routes Rostock-Gedser and Puttgarden-Rødby with max. weight of 3,5t. Car ticket prices apply to cars, motorhomes and cars with caravans or trailers.
If the vehicle is longer than 6m the length surcharge applies (e.g. car + trailer)
Length surcharges for one direction:
Car 6m - 8m: 25 €         Car 10m - 12m: 75 €
Car 8m - 10m: 50 €       Car over 12m: 100 €
Economy EXTRA Tariff conditions
 ▪  Can be purchased online or in the Scandlines Service Center up to 2 hours before departure
 ▪  Bookings through Service Center are subject to a Handling Fee of 11 €. Handling Fee does not apply for booking through Scandlines Agent Logon
 ▪  Valid for the booked departure and all other departures with free spaces on the booked day.
 ▪  Price valid for cars up to 6m in length. Surcharges will be applied for longer cars.
 ▪  Check-in at the port up to 15 minutes before departure.
Rebooking / cancellation:
 ▪  Booking may be amended for a fee of €30 plus any price difference.
 ▪  Bookings can be amended through the Scandlines Service Centre on +49 (0) 381 - 77 88 77 66 no later than 2 hours before the booked departure or directly at the port on the booked day.
 ▪  Cancellation and refund are only possible with optional Ticket Refund Service which can be added for only €11 when booking the ticket
You have a 24-hour general right to cancellation after ticket purchase.
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