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Puttgarden-Rodby + Øresund Bridge
For bookings online a fee of 0,75,- EUR will be charged. For bookings by phone or ticket purchase in manual check-in in the port a handling fee of 10,- EUR will be charged.
Low cost ticket
From EUR     75,-
Economy EXTRA
Rebook if needed
From EUR    115,-
Top flexibility
From EUR    135,-
With the new Øresund-Ticket, you can combine the advantages of a flexible and comfortable Baltic crossing on the Denmark route Puttgarden-Rødby with direct access to southern Sweden via the Øresund Bridge. The bridge voucher is already included in the ferry ticket. The iTicketnummer of the Øresund bridge will be provided upon booking confirmation and output as a voucher at check-in (check-in automat as well as staffed check-in) in the German port. Its particular advantage is the fact that you do not need cash or a credit card to travel over the bridge. Enjoy the maritime atmosphere and catering amenities on board our ferries and take one of the most popular routes for travelling to Sweden.

Please note:

If you start your journey in Puttgarden or in Rostock you will get your Scandlines ticket with a voucher (for return-trip two vouchers) for the Øresund Bridge. Please give an employee of the Øresund bridge the voucher in the Personal Service counter. Or use the automatic lane. Here you can enter the number appearing on the voucher number (iTicket) in the automat.

If you start your journey in Sweden, be sure to carry your Scandlines booking confirmation. On the booking confirmation your iTicketnummer for the Øresund Bridge is noted. Please notify this number an employee of the Øresund bridge in the Personal Service counter or enter the number into the automat of the tollgate.

Please note our Scandlines Ticket-Terms as well as the conditions of transport.
2018 Price calender
All prices in EUR including fuel surcharge.

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